admin Jun 23, 2018

If you can’t wait to keep your calendar checking every now and then and see how far is your next vacation, you got the perfect instant of a travel lover. Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, you can still consider yourself a smart traveller, a traveller who wants to make the most of his or travel, and does it!

You know how valuable a vacation is for you and from that standpoint, every single tip that can facilitate your travel plans is paramount for you. This article discusses 10 travel hacks which you, and every other traveller, should know!

1. Posting name stickers on the bags: In hurry to pack your most precious articles, you may ignore an inherent aspect, though unfortunate one! This aspect is posting stickers with your name and number on the bag.

Better you never fall in such a situation, but just in case the unforeseen happens and your bag gets lost, anyone who receives or finds it can help you recollect it.

2. Carrying smaller packs of costumes: Can you imagine a single day without your costumes? Fine, you don’t! But it is travelling time and cannot carry so many costume bottles in the bag; they contain a lot of space.

Instead carry smaller sample packs of your favourite costumes to serve the purpose.

3. Taking coffee or tea bags: That sounds weird, isn’t that? When tea / coffee shops are available everywhere, why should I take along tea and coffee bags?

That’s true, but imagine a situation when you are at the airport and coffee served is just not your type. Gladly, you got tea / coffee bags and you can have them accompany you on the journey.

4. Rolled cloths for more bag space: You would not do this usually but when on travel, this turns out to be a facilitating hack. Yes, the idea to roll cloths when packing may not sound new or amazing, but it certainly is a smart pick.

When you do this, clothes occupy less space thus giving you more room to store for other things.

5. This alternate charger is available everywhere: You embark on an optimistic journey but heck; you suddenly remember that you have forgotten to take your mobile charger! What to do?

Nothing to worry about when you know that wherever you go, you can easily spot a modern TV set around – and it has a USB port. This will serve the purpose for you.

6. Screenshots of your documents: You got all the requisite documents with you, which include the passport, visa, address proof, etc. But it is always advisable to take screenshots of your documents and store them on your mobile. You can even email them to close friends just in case something wrong happens and you want to trace them at all!

7. Avoid jet lag: On an international travel, you are likely to face jet lag. But do you know that there is a no-brainer hack to rule out the unwanted? Exercise is the answer!

Spend some time exercising before the travel can remarkably help you in this respect.

8. Free Wi-fi’s do exist: One may be ignorant about this but this is true! There are more free wi-fi zones today than you can imagine and that turns out to be a handy hack particularly when you are on travel and feel the urge to conserve your mobile’s data usage.

9. Hand washing detergent: You know your washing machine cannot go with you all the time. On the other hand, you just cannot keep on wearing the sweaty, muddy clothes over and over again.

Well, you don’t have to, if you have a hand washing detergent in your small bag!

10. Protect fragile bottles: Objects like perfume bottles or conditioners mostly come in small glass containers. To eliminate chance of them breaking and spoiling other goodies, store them in something soft like a woollen glove or socks!