admin Nov 27, 2017

The smart traveler today does not merely rely on the travel agent before booking for a holiday. The internet gives a plethora of information for unexplored destinations and new travel agencies that offer unusual experiences which were thought about.

But how do you come to the conclusion that the travel package you are paying for is the right one? If this question crosses your mind, then look at these 4 points to make sure you go for a holiday for a lifetime and nothing less.

Transportation: One thing that costs the most money during a holiday is the air/train fare, and the local transportation. If you are determined to visit only a particular place, then there is no stopping you. But if you can preplan the same holiday and book few weeks in advance, you might be in for a treat. Or keep few options handy and then compare the fares.

Access what kind of transportation your travel package includes if you do not like navigating a new place on your own. If it is covering every part of the journey, you will not have to churn out extra bucks. If not, then calculate an average amount to know how much the holiday is going to cost you.

Accommodation: Holidays are no more about checking in a hotel. The kind of accommodation you choose adds to the whole experience. From villas to bed & breakfast, and from luxury resorts to hostels… you must not be deprived of an experience just because your travel package offers only hotels.

There are many upcoming travel agencies in India that offer not just exquisite locations to explore, but also give you accommodation options that add to the charm. While ratings and reviews are still helpful here, do not hesitate to explore travel packages that are out of the league.

Food & drinks: Most travel packages and hotels include breakfast as an option. But, is it enough or you want to bargain a bit more to get deals for dinner too? You never know when a little persuasion may give you discounts and deals at local restaurants that will help you save a lot on food and drinks. It may sound embarrassing, but trust us, many travel agencies and hotels have a lot of tie-ups which with a bit of coaxing can save you money.

Assistance: Many travel packages include the most known sightseeing places in that area and around. While this becomes the basis of choosing a travel package, but you do not want to be deprived of checking out places that are not listed, but are worth visiting, do you?

Moreover, if you are traveling with elders or children, you may want some customization to make the trip comfortable for everyone.

Traveling is not just about getting to know a new place, but about making memories for a lifetime. The travel package you choose must not confine you because the itinerary said so, instead it should be in sync with how you want the trip to be. Look for newer travel agencies who may not be famous as yet, but can provide you with exactly what you need.