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Rajasthan is a heaven for anyone who likes clicking a good picture. The magnificent forts, exquisite palaces, the lush-green jungles, serene water bodies… almost every other place in Rajasthan has something to offer you. And the city of Ajmer is no exception.

Founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th century, Ajmer is a beauty that needs no introduction. Especially, if you are a photographer who enjoys seizing the beauty of a place in its true essence. To being your photography trip with, visit the Soni ji ki Nasiya that is an intricately crafted temple devoted to Lord Adinath. This temple is decorated with Belgium stain glass-work and has a focal lobby adorned with gold and silver embellishments. Need we say more? The lights falling and reflecting on everything inside this beautiful temple just adds to the magnificence that you would not like to miss capturing.

Soni ji ki Nysa

Image Source: wikimedia

Next, head to the Ana Sagar Lake. A man-made lake amidst the city, this lake offers a perfect backdrop for interesting photographs. The rays of the rising and the setting sun at dusk and dawn will leave you spellbound, and surely makes for few exceptional photographs. You can also hire a boat to get better views. Adding to its beauty is the Daulat Bagh, which is a beautiful, lush-green garden next to it. The Baradari or the five pavilions built of marble will give you few interesting angles for mesmerizing pictures.

Ana Sagar Lake

Image Source: Holidify

Next in line comes the Nareli Jain Temple, an impressive blend of contemporary art and tradition. The temple is not only an architectural delight with its awe-inspiring sculptures and elaborate designs, but will also give the photographer in you a chance to revisit and retell history through the lenses.

nareli jain temple

Image Source: Temple Advisor

To end your photography journey in Ajmer, visit the Taragarh Fort. An outstanding and spectacular monument that reflects the Rajasthani architecture, the panoramic and breathtaking view will leave the shutterbug in you gripped and agape.

Taragarh Fort Ajmer

Image Source: Rajasthan About

Isn’t Ajmer just the place you want to visit with your camera?