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We all love vacations. Period! But, do you deeply desire to spend the entirety of that vacation, travelling to one major city or the other, or are you adventurous, and prefer to witness pristine lakes and magnificent waterfalls, in person? The latter usually involves considerable amounts of trekking and some ordinary means of local transportation. Although we as humans have found ways and made most of the places accessible, ‘comfort’ wise; it has sent the natural beauty of the destination for a toss and sent it on a downward path from where it can never recover.!!

As sad as it may be for some, there is good news as well.! Against all odds, some places have overcome the hustle and bustle of city life and people wanting to take advantage of the untouched landscape to make a living, and remained as eco-friendly as one would expect considering the chaos in the neighboring towns and villages!! Here are 5 such places we recommend you visit at least once a year, and understand what a vacation truly is

Galgibaga Beach, Goa– You might think, GOA!! First on the list.. How is that possible?? Believe it or not, it is! We know it is chaotic especially during season time, yet Galgibaga beach; south Goa, has retained its roots and has remained the most awe-inspiring beach in all of Goa. Even season time is quite and away from almost all the commotion; in close proximity all the more. The water is as blue as blue can be and the silver sand on the beach is definitely worth walking on bare feet. The endangered Olive Ridley turtle nests at the beach and in winter (the eggs hatch), if you are lucky, you’ll be able to see many small turtles on their treacherous odyssey from the nests to the ocean.

Iamge Source: Goame

Matheran, Maharashtra – Very close to the busiest city in the entire country; Mumbai, Matheran has attained the title of being the smallest hill station in India. Being an eco-sensitive zone (declared by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change), the use of cars and other vehicles is a strict no-no!! The only hill station of its kind with a ‘no vehicle’ policy in all of Asia!! That is some serious stuff. The air is crystal clear and early mornings might have the fog knocking on your guest house room door. It is definitely a sight to behold! 38 designated viewpoints offer ample activity throughout the day.

Image Source: Tripoto

Coorg, Karnataka – One other well known hill station, Cooorg is situated in Karnataka. South of Maharashtra. The ecology of the place is extremely rich with lots of rivers and waterfalls, and dense forests with trees like bamboo, rosewood, etc. make it all the more beautiful. The area is full of spice and coffee plantations leaving a soothing aroma in the air. Except for adoring the sights of Coorg (also known as Kodagu), you can also visit one of the 3 major wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity or the Nagarhole National Park. For the brave, there are adventure activities like rock climbing, river rafting, etc. that will surely make the trip more memorable

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Alleppey, Kerala – When eco-friendly is the play, how can we forget ‘God’s own country’; Kerala? The quaint town of Alleppey, now known as Alappuzha, is situated right next the the Laccadive sea. It has a vast expanse of backwater canals and waterways, where you can easily find old looking houseboats. They are equipped with some modern accessories to make your stay comfortable, and the food is to die for. Lay back and relax while floating away in your own thoughts with more and more greenery around you.

Image Source: Femina

Tosh, Himachal Pradesh – Although the whole of Himachal Pradesh is considered eco friendly. Tosh is one place that has its own charm. It is situated at 2400 meters above sea level and is not very close to other urban settlements. Manikaran, the pilgrimage destination in the Parvati Valley is close by and attracts many travelers visiting Kullu and Manali. Tosh is surrounded by rivers and mountains on all sides and reaching here could be a task if you don’t have your own vehicle; although there are local buses continuously going up and down the valley. Trekking, sightseeing and sitting in absolute peace are the best available things to do here, and the fresh air is sure to revive the best in you.

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These are just a few places that have managed to retain their natural beauty and awe inspired sights that you have to see to believe. Just a suggestion, do visit them as soon as possible because rapid growth and development might someday ruin these places as well, and you would never be able to visit them even if you wanted to!