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Travelling to Ajmer is like going on a spiritual quest amidst all sorts of other adventures. Ones that tag along are not just culture shocks or lip smacking food to shake your palate, but also the interesting things to do after you arrive in Ajmer. Be it a backpacker, travelling with friends or with family – the few main attractions of the city are for everyone to cherish and fondly remember Ajmer.

Why Ajmer?
Most tourists come here for the pilgrimage and the spiritual reasons to unwind in the vicinity for peace and calm environment. The Dargah, lake and the hills in and around the city compliment it very well and make it a trip worth taking again and again. Architecture and murals hook you in instantly with their beauty and you are in for a visual treat.

5 Most Interesting Things to do in Ajmer

1) See
Planning your trip to Ajmer is easier if you know the places you are going to see. The most visited place is the shrine of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti that is a must see. Whenever you reach Ajmer and have rested properly, the first thing you should do is go visit this spiritual place and see for yourself why thousands of pilgrims come here everyday. As an outsider you might need some time to process but the Sufism captivates your soul and gives it an inherent peaceful and devotional glimpse of the truth and a higher being.

2) Eat
The flavours of Rajasthan and Muslim food have amalgamated together and if you are a foodie you sure have a lot to explore. From curries, dhaba food, great chai and non-veg treats in the Dargah Bazaar you can relish your taste buds and even find unique items that are only eaten in Ajmer like kadi-bhujje and Indian chaat.

3) Buy
Souvenirs make travel all the more fun and we recommend you to get some traditional clothing items like turbans, saris and veils. This can be your physical memory of remembering Ajmer and you can buy gifts for your loved ones back home.

4) Sleep
Your stay is not going to be fulfilling if you do not sleep well. Exploring a new city is best done with a complete rest at night. Find out great hotels in Ajmer and check for the facilities like swimming pool, restaurants, and internet that you need. Most high-end hotels and even backpacking hostels provide great facilities in Ajmer.

5) Walk the Alleys
You might not be fond of walking much, because let’s face it not everybody walks into unknown territories like in evenings. But it is recommended that whenever you have had rest you go along the back alleys of Ajmer Dargah and enjoy the wonderful view of the bazaar, architecture monuments leaving you spellbound about the craftsmanship and history of India.

We have a special way to address your concern regarding the city of Ajmer. If you need any assistance in planning your trip to Ajmer, our city tour experts are just a call and email away.