admin Feb 17, 2018

Travelling has been enjoyed by people all over the world since the dawn of time, be it for work or just a vacation with the family/friends. There are times when the travel involves getting lost unintentionally, choosing the worst places to eat at every meal and many more. Though it is fun and can be termed as ‘a learning experience’, there are ways, now more than ever, to be able to plan ahead and make the trip a success, not only as a learning experience but in the fun way you had originally planned. It is the ear of the internet and moreover the era of the smartphone – giving the power of the internet in the hands of everybody.

This is where applications (apps) come in, using the internet for a variety of purposes, giving you what you need and when you need it. Here are some applications that help immensely while traveling in India and to an extent, the entire world.

1.Tripadvisor – An enormous community of people use the app which is basically a database of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants all over the country and the world. Honest and first-hand experience and feedback will help you choose the best for your stay. The built-in forum is a great tool for you to communicate with other members of the community and clear your doubts and/or complaints. What’s more? You can now directly book from TripAdvisor, making it a better experience than it already is.

2.Google Maps – One of the most essential applications you definitely need on your smartphone. It will make sure you don’t get lost unintentionally and always reach your destination in approximately the same time as predicted by the app. You can choose walking, driving and now even motorcycles as your mode of transport, all of which have different ETA’s and different routes. Google did actually do a lot of research to bring you this revolutionary app! Make use of it for your benefit.

3.Zomato – Okay, you’re hungry and you reach the destination suggested by some locals. It is not what you had expected. Maybe you’ll have to settle with something else. This has happened to everyone! Right? Well, not anymore! Using zomato will change your world… Get an array of restaurants and food outlets just waiting to serve you the kind of food you need and deserve! Moreover, within the budget you had in mind. Check out the reviews, menu and a few photos of places before deciding to make sure your wallet is not empty and your tummy is full after leaving a restaurant.

4.Make my trip – All your travel booking needs neatly bundled up is the apt description for this application. Booking you mode of transport is easy by using MMT, which includes trains, flights as well as buses. Hotel reviews and bookings done using the app, give you discounts and referring your friends give you loyalty bonus and may save quite a bit of your precious earned money. Make my trip is truly a one-stop shop for all your needs!

5.Audiocompass – Gaining popularity now is the audiocompass app. It is basically a virtual guide for you, telling you stories and incidents of places your visit just like a much more expensive physical guide you find and any historically significant place. The best part is, although you need the net for initial downloads, you can use this app offline as well. Just select the place and download the audio guide to be used whenever you need.

There is still a large variety of apps that a lot of people use during traveling and have no problems with. Find what helps you the most and have an exceptional travel experience every time!