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Ajmer and Pushkar both are filled with amazing scenes of spirituality & serenity. So, let’s not beat around the bush & tell you about 5 awesome landmarks to visit in Ajmer & Pushkar.

1. Ajmer Sharif Dargah (Ajmer, Rajasthan)


Ajmer Sharif Dargah was built during the 13th century (Dargah means the tomb of an Islamic saint). The tomb of revered Islamic saint Moinuddin Chisti, it is visited by at least 150,000 pilgrims on a daily basis, including scores of celebrities. Even the legendary Emperor Akbar used to travel 375 kilometres by foot to visit the shrine.

To imagine what it must be like to visit the Dargah, visualize yourself standing in the middle of huge marble courtyards while a live band plays enchanting tones in praise of Allah.
The Dargah is one of the few religious places in the world, visited by all sectors of society.

2. Soniji Ki Nasiyan (Ajmer, Rajasthan)


‘Soniji Ki Nasiyan’ is a popular Jain temple built in the heart of Rajasthan. Established in the 19th century, it is especially famous for its artistic depictions of the ‘Panchakalyanak’. Panchakalyanak are the five auspicious events which occur in every Tirthankara’s life (Conception, Birth, Renunciation, Enlightenment & Salvation are the five auspicious events.) The main chamber of the temple, called ‘Swarna Nagari’ (City of Gold) is filled with gold-plated artefacts portraying religious figures in the Jain Religion.

Visiting the Jain temple makes one feel like they are seeing a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel.

3. Pushkar Lake (Pushkar, Rajasthan)


Pushkar Sarovar (Sarovar meaning lake) is depicted in Hindu texts as being the king of water-based holy sites by creator-god ‘Brahma’. The earliest mention of the lake is found on coins dating back to the 4th century B.C.

To imagine how it must be like to sit at one of the 52 ghats surrounding the lake, imagine a murder of crows flying low over a calming water surface while soulful Hindu prayers play in the back ground.

4. Ana Sagar Lake (Ajmer, Rajasthan)


Built by the grandfather of famed leader Prithviraj Chauhan (Arnaroja). Ana Sagar is a man-made lake dating back to the 12th century. Though the lake was constructed by Arnaroja, the pavilions next to it were built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan & gardens built by Jehangir. Don’t miss out on the scenic island in the middle of the lake, which is accessible by boat.
In the evenings, the surrounding pavilions are full of both local & foreign visitors, so try and visit in the afternoon as it will not be as crowded.

5. Main Bazaar (Pushkar, Rajasthan)


Any visitor, be it the president of some country, never leaves the Pushkar Bazaar empty-handed. Such is the uniqueness & beauty of artefacts, garments & the apparels available in Sadar Bazaar. Never come here with a tonne of cash, you will be living with a large number of bags hanging from both hands along with an empty wallet.
You should also visit the cafes in the bazaar, the food is heavenly.

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