admin May 19, 2017

Do you like to throw a dart at the map and choose any place to go on a solo trip? Travelling on your own helps us get rid of our inhibitions and help us broaden our minds. Another thing that solo travelling experience entails is the ability to communicate with people from different cultures, eat new cuisines and stay at places with a whole new accommodation style.

Solo travelling does not mean seeing new places with little money, although many solo travellers do it on a shoe string budget. But if you are passionate about having a new experience alone you need to visit Rajasthan and spend time watching colours change, histories formed and embrace a different side every few hundred kilometres.

Exploring a whole new state is an adventure as you have a map on your hand and you have different options of transport at your disposal. You can choose to travel by bike, car, public transport and even hitchhike. The experience will definitely differ in all of the above options and somehow it goes hand in hand with your choice and comfort level.

This guide will help you discover 5 must visit places in Rajasthan as a solo traveller.

  1. Ajmer

Go for the famous Dargah and find your inner being charged as well as peaceful at the same time. Such is the magic you will discover in Ajmer. If you love exploring new places in solitude, Ajmer should be on top of your list. You get to enjoy architecture and history all over Rajasthan but Ajmer is strictly for you and your alone time to deepen.

  1. Pushkar

If you are visiting Rajasthan or India for the first time, Pushkar has a lot to offer. You can visit the only Brahma God temple in the city and enjoy the mesmerising sunset. Pushkar evenings are to die for and something you will remember forever. A tip for solo travellers here is to research less but discover more when visiting Pushkar. Everyone takes away something else from this city.

  1. Jaipur

The Pink City of Rajasthan is mostly the first stop for everyone travelling to Rajasthan. Jaipur is a whole lot new and a whole lot old combined together that make you realise yes the world is like a coin with two faces. Visit Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort and eat Laal maas and other Rajasthani delights here. It is a very touristy place and as a solo traveller you might like it too much. And if you love art and monuments, it is a must visit.

  1. Jodhpur

Enjoy the historic tales at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur with scrumptious meals and you will be spellbound by the beauty of blue painted houses in the city. Your evenings will be lamplit and you will experience different tastes and colors every time you walk the streets.

  1. Bikaner

The heart of Rajasthan and the land of Thar is Bikaner. Enjoy camel rides, caravans and old music as well as the architecture of the Jain Temple in Bikaner. You will not be disappointed when you stay in tents in the desert over night under the stars.

  1. Udaipur

The city of so many lakes and special places Udaipur is a bit touristy again but as a solo traveller you get to enjoy a decent weather of Rajasthan here. The royal history and palaces of Udaipur are super famous and lakes bring you a memory or two about your last romance. You enjoy the scenic view and think about the quest in life when you are alone in Udaipur enjoying a boat ride alone.