admin Oct 30, 2017

Overspending and holidays go hand in hand. Unplanned routes, meals at famous places, and not to forget shopping, all lead to spending a few more bills than what you intended. Though money should be the last thing to worry about when you are there to relax, saving a few bucks beforehand may give you a little less stress upon returning.

The best way to do so is through booking accommodation in advance, for it can exhaust your travel funds before you could do anything about it. To help you do so, here are 5 tricks that you must make use of:

  1. Stick to a budget and compare deals:  Everyone has a set budget for hotels. When you stick to a budget, you are able to segregate your budget already, and refine your choices based on it. Next, once you have selected a few properties, compare its prices on various online booking websites. Better still, call up the front desk of the hotel and ask for a discount. Most likely, you will be lucky to get some!
  2. Be flexible and holiday in the off season: Off season, or the period between on & off season is when you will get the best deals on not only hotels but travel too. You will be able to avoid the tourist traffic, making sightseeing more memorable.
  3. Choose the hotel’s location wisely: Remember that a hotel situated in the heart of the city will be slightly costlier, but you can save on travel this way. If staying back in the hotel and lounging is on your mind, location does not matter.
  4. Look for recommendations: Find someone in your circle who has been in the same city before. They can recommend you a good hotel, and can also fetch a good deal. If the room’s cost cannot be negotiated upon, ask for benefits like complimentary breakfast or dinner.
  5. Consider a reward program or using your credit card: Both have multiple benefits. If you are a frequent traveller, opt for a chain of hotels and join their reward points program for good deals. The next option is to look what deals your credit card offers that you can avail.

Booking a hotel just needs some planning and patience. Look at the whole package the hotel has to offer instead of just the room. A penny saved on accommodation can be used to make your holiday more special!