admin Feb 25, 2017

Holidays and festive seasons and the sweet chaos with it come with a warning but not the frauds. The rate of these frauds increases manifolds during holiday seasons. Be cautious of these warning signals to avoid disrupting the happy-go-lucky mood and festivity of your holidays.

1. Don’t let scammers fool you
If a deal on email appears too good to be true, be suspicious of what it says. To avoid scam, open link in the new browser or go to the official site to look if the deal exists.

2. Stay high on bank security
Keep account alerts on your registered mobile and email always on. Also keep your contact information up to date so that your bank personnel can contact you to report anything suspicious.

3. Be aware of con calls
Fraudsters are on a spree of calling people and ask for their personal banking details. They usually claim to be bank managers in your bank branch or from reputed companies. Do not by any chance share these details or your OTP over these con calls.

4. Donate with caution
Make sure your hard-earned money is going to a genuine cause. Settle all kinds of questions when a charity calls. Always prefer giving check over cash.

5. Sign up for online bank statements
Make sure that you have signed up for the online bank statements and monitor the same on regular level.

6. Be wary of Public Wi-fi
Public wi-fi is a risky business. It’s safer not to to do your debit or credit transactions on a public Wi-Fi. By any chance if you do, look for https in the website’s url, where the ‘s’ stands for secure.

7. Last but not the least as there are endless possibilities of frauds in holiday season, always make online purchase through secured connection and save a screenshot of the purchase confirmation.

Happy Holidays!