A kaleidoscope of colors, Pushkar

admin Aug 10, 2016

Engulfed by the Aravali hills lies the holy city of Pushkar, a city that is one of its kind in Rajasthan. Located 11 kilometers north-west of Ajmer, it is one of India’s oldest cities. Travelers and devotees from around the world visit Pushkar for the graceful, colorful and peaceful ambiance it has to offer. With […]

Monsoon in Rajasthan – A Travellers’ guide

admin Jul 30, 2016

Image Source : Skymetweather Ah! Monsoon, the season of rains and rainbows, hot tea and pakoras and of peacocks and earthworms. Okay maybe the last one isn’t all that pleasant, but monsoon is the season where everything is more colorful, more vibrant, as if the nature has gone into HD mode. And Rajasthan in monsoon, […]

Benefits of Pre-Booking Your Hotel Online

admin Jul 19, 2016

So, you have packed your bags, made a checklist of restaurants and sightseeing places you’d visit and confirmed your flight on a call. All set. Right? But are you missing out on something? Imagine a scenario where you arrive in a new city and because you thought you’ll manage something at the last moment, now […]

Weird Traditions From Around the World

admin Jun 28, 2016

We hear about and see many traditions around us. Some of them have been prevalent since centuries and the followers blindly follow without any logic and counter reasons. Around the globe, there are many weird traditions, some of which have been abolished while others are still guarded by the superstitious beliefs of many. Let’s have […]

Bond With Your Family On Vacations With These Easy Ideas

admin Jun 14, 2016

Now that we have summer vacations round-the-corner, all we need is some inspiration to make it a memorable one. A great time to bond with our children and other family members, vacations also help us rejuvenate and take on the world with a fresh and energetic spirit. We are sharing few easy-to-do ideas that will […]

Travel light – Go Backpacking! (Part 2)

admin May 12, 2016

There are hundreds of reasons for the change we have seen in travelling lately – from the urge of exploring a country to unwinding to living life differently – we all have one of our own. And these growing “unique” reasons have given way to new definitions for travellers. One of these definition is backpacking. […]

Tips For a Perfect Summer Picnic

admin Apr 26, 2016

Summers are here! It’s time to unplug and step out to experience the sunny outdoors. Picnics are a great way to unwind with friends, spend time with family or just some quiet moments with your partner. Here are a few tips to make your picnic hassle-free, delicious and fun: Don’t get into the hassle of […]

Travel light – Go Backpacking! (Part 1)

admin Apr 08, 2016

‘Drifter’ to ‘independent mass tourist’, ‘explorer’ to ‘budget travellers’ and ‘long-term travellers’ to ‘eco-tourists’, ‘anti-tourists’, ‘non-tourists’, ‘neo-nomads’ and ‘flash-packers’ – Backpackers have a multitude of names to their credit. Usually known as independent, low- budget way of travelling, anyone who backpacks is called a ‘backpacker.’ With the primary benefit of travelling with only a rucksack […]

Witness the Holi of a lifetime at Pushkar

admin Mar 22, 2016

It’s that colourful and buzzy time of the year again! The onset of spring in India is celebrated with clouds of colours, luscious sweets & snacks and eclectic joy of festivity. Holi, the incredibly celebrated and legendary festival of India has nearly arrived. Many places in India are prominently popular for their grand Holi celebration […]

Tips for Fitness Conscious Travellers

admin Mar 11, 2016

Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, is the best way to unwind from your regular life. One plans for a getaway with a carefree mind, but reckless and unplanned trips can come with some downsides. The most dreadful impact can be on one’s health or fitness. Lack of sleep, change of temperature, jet lag, unhealthy […]

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