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Lesser Known Facts about Pushkar

admin Mar 28, 2017

One of the oldest cities in India, Pushkar is also known as the “The Lotus Flower”. Visited from people from around the world, especially Hindu devotees, Pushkar is known for its mystical charm and vintage glory. Here are some lesser known facts about Pushkar that will fascinate you and make you want to travel to […]

Pushkar Fair – An Unforgettable Experience

admin Nov 25, 2016

The fairs & festivals of Rajasthan are celebrated to glorify the traditions & colourful customs of the land of sun. Throughout the year, numerous fairs get organised. One such popular fair is the Pushkar Mela, celebrated from the onset of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and celebrated till Kartik Purnima. Pushkar lake is a sacred place, where […]

A kaleidoscope of colors, Pushkar

admin Aug 10, 2016

Engulfed by the Aravali hills lies the holy city of Pushkar, a city that is one of its kind in Rajasthan. Located 11 kilometers north-west of Ajmer, it is one of India’s oldest cities. Travelers and devotees from around the world visit Pushkar for the graceful, colorful and peaceful ambiance it has to offer. With […]

Witness the Holi of a lifetime at Pushkar

admin Mar 22, 2016

It’s that colourful and buzzy time of the year again! The onset of spring in India is celebrated with clouds of colours, luscious sweets & snacks and eclectic joy of festivity. Holi, the incredibly celebrated and legendary festival of India has nearly arrived. Many places in India are prominently popular for their grand Holi celebration […]

The Planning Elements of Vacation Accommodation in Pushkar

admin Mar 18, 2014

The rich culture and heritage held by Pushkar is marked with the range of temples running at a stretch within the rugged terrain. Pushkar- the name symbolizes blue lotus and in fact, this place holds no deviation from the same when it presents the beauty of its pond waters in the varying shades of sun’s […]

Holidays more Enjoyable with Best Hotels in Ajmer

admin Mar 12, 2014

There is sacred belief amongst the Hindus that no pilgrimage of the four principal pilgrim centres Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameswaram would bear fruit unless one bathes in the holy lake of Pushkar. Lakhs of devotees assemble and bathe in the holy water around the year; but bathing on the full moon (Purnima) day, confers special […]

Pushkar – The Holy Town Near Ajmer

admin Mar 12, 2014

The holy town of Pushkar is at a 45 minute drive from Ajmer. In the midst of low Aravalli hills, the town of Pushkar is like a leaf out of the history books, a yellowed page out of old myths. Pushkar Fair: The biggest synopsium of the Brahma town’s magic A large number of tourists […]

Hotels in Ajmer – How to grab the Best Deals

admin Feb 12, 2014

If you are just too exhausted living in the midst of a fast-running city with mere soothing interactions and you feel like losing control over things, then this must be your body lending the sign that it’s time to visit a serene place where you can give your thoughts some lone time and let your […]

Plan your trip to Pushkar- The Sacred Hindu Town

admin Jan 09, 2014

Tired of your routine life, looking for some succor and solace? Then this could be your much awaited opportunity to leave for a vacation to Pushkar in Rajasthan, a real pleasure hub of culture, heritage and serenity. Indulge and plunge in this beautiful city that is best described as home of Gods.

The Place You Were Looking for…

admin Oct 21, 2013

Legend states that the Hindu God of creation, Brahma was surveying the land to seek out a quaint space to conduct a grand yagna. He unleashed a swan that held a lotus flower in its beak. The idea was that wherever that flower fell, Brahma would perform his yagna.

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