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5 Must Visit Places in Rajasthan for Solo Travellers

admin May 19, 2017

Do you like to throw a dart at the map and choose any place to go on a solo trip? Travelling on your own helps us get rid of our inhibitions and help us broaden our minds. Another thing that solo travelling experience entails is the ability to communicate with people from different cultures, eat […]

Tips for First Time Travellers

admin Apr 25, 2017

Ten Commandments…..for first timers India the name inspires awe. A country which is a visual explosion of colours, culture, sound and aroma is a treat for travellers around the world.  An exotic land of forts and palaces, shimmering festivities, serene sanctuaries,  ethereal landscape.. India is a must on wander list of  travelers.  Packed, chaotic, fascinating, […]

Top 5 Benefits of Travelling

admin Mar 15, 2017

Someone wisely advised, “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to store”. Here are 5 major reasons as to why you should travel more often: 1. Improves your social skills Travelling to a new place, especially all by yourself, highly enhances your communication skills. You further explore about a […]

7 Tips to Enjoy a Fraud Free Holiday

admin Feb 25, 2017

Holidays and festive seasons and the sweet chaos with it come with a warning but not the frauds. The rate of these frauds increases manifolds during holiday seasons. Be cautious of these warning signals to avoid disrupting the happy-go-lucky mood and festivity of your holidays. 1. Don’t let scammers fool you If a deal on […]

Top 5 Travel Tips to Save Time and Money

admin Feb 15, 2017

Sometimes it’s only far from home where we realize that there is more to life than a mundane schedule, and that thought makes us happy. In this fast moving world, we work to survive and survive to work, but in this rut it becomes important to take a break and travel. When one thinks of […]

10 Things Travellers Should Check While Booking a Hotel

admin Jan 24, 2017

An important part of a vacation, business trip or travel itinerary is to decide where one will be staying. While booking any hotel travelers must be watchful of certain points. Price is mostly the main determining factor, at the same time there are other features that one should keep in mind while selecting a place […]

5 Ways to Deal with Travel Anxiety

admin Dec 21, 2016

Travel anxieties often pour in from the fear of flying or being in a strange city. But these should never stop you from exploring around the world. Here are 5 tips to combat travel anxiety: 1. Think happy. Be happy Do you often, before or while travelling, think about the possible negative scenarios? Like missing […]

Top 10 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Must Follow

admin Oct 27, 2016

When you are travelling to a new city, on vacation or for business, the last thing you would want to worry about is your safety. But to avoid regretting it later, it’s in the best interest of lone travellers to take good precautions while staying in a hotel. Women are more exposed to attacks and […]

Enjoy Your Perfect Family Holiday at Chitvan

admin Sep 20, 2016

Hotel Chitvan knows how precious family holidays are and makes room for relaxation with thoughtful service for kids and parents to share time together. Families at Chitvan can enjoy the warmth of home and the modern comforts and privileges of a premium hotel at the same time. Here is what makes Chitvan the best place […]

Trending Apps for Travel Junkies – Part one

admin Aug 23, 2016

If you are planning your first holiday abroad, you could relate to the anxiety of being in a new city. Moreover, if you are spending a fortune on this travel, you would like explore the alien city as much as you can. Travel apps prove to be good friends in such scenario. Here are a […]

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