admin Jan 27, 2017

A trip to Rajasthan, of sun, sand and scintillating views, is incomplete without a trip to Ajmer & Pushkar. Offering a recluse from the rush & noise of city life, Pushkar is a popular holy place set amidst the serene natural surroundings. Located 11 km northwest of Ajmer, it gathers travelers and devotees from around the world.

Planning a trip to Pushkar or Ajmer, and confused about where to book your stay? Wait till you read till the end!

Hotel Chitvan is a great place for travelers who prefer a calm & quiet stay over staying close to a bustling market. The lush lawns and swimming pool offer a much-needed recluse. Children can enjoy vast open areas and the playground. For adults, there are other recreational facilities to wind out.

The staff at Chitvan are supportive and welcoming. If your kids want a special setup to play a few games on the lawn, they would happily oblige to entertain.

With ample of natural cross ventilation, the beautiful cottage themed rooms impart a sense of privacy, security, comfort & luxury.

With the best-in-class amenities, the hotel perfectly suits your pockets.

Finding the hotel is also not at all a hassle. Easily located on Google Maps, the place, once you get down to, takes away your mind from the chaotic routine life and gives you a holiday feel instantly.

For bookings and more information visit or contact +91-982-912-0901