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Deep devotion, respect and love are largely observed in visitors of this beautiful dargah from all cultures. Dargah of Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti has found frequent mentions in Indian films and television too. If you are a local resident of Ajmer or from and around the city, you may get done with your sightseeing the very same day but if you are a visitor from other parts of Rajasthan or the rest of the country, you will need to stay at one of the hotels in Ajmer, since the visit cannot be completed in a single day. Even if you plan to visit Pushkar, situated 11 kms from Ajmer, you can look for an accommodation in a hotel in Ajmer.

Chitvan: A Perfect Family Hotel in Ajmer

Hotel Chitvan isn’t merely an accommodation place during Ajmer visit but also one of the best family hotels in Ajmer. Large airy rooms, independent decks and balconies attached to every room, a large central court, all this combines a sense of luxury and complete privacy. There are large open areas, green courtyards as well as a pool to jump into after a sweltering trip to the city.

If you are planning to a book a hotel in Ajmer near the Sufi Shrine, Chitvan is a good option for you. If you are staying at the hotel alone, it is quiet, cosy and comfortable place to get away from the daily mad rush. But if you are staying at the hotel with family, the pleasure will surely double with ample recreational features, a great in house restaurant and green surroundings will make your visit memorable. Hotel Chitvan is one of the few hotels in Ajmer that brings luxury and affordability together.

An Ideal Location

Hotel Chitvan is well connected to all the important locations in Ajmer. The railway station is proximate and location of the hotel near bus stand in Ajmer makes it an ideal place to stay during Ajmer visits. So whether you are coming for a visit to Ajmer Durgah, or for a dip in the holy Pushkar lake, or just coming to town for family or business affairs, Hotel Chitvan is the best hotel in Ajmer where premium luxury comes without a hole in your pocket. Get in touch with hotel reservations counter today.