admin Nov 25, 2016

The fairs & festivals of Rajasthan are celebrated to glorify the traditions & colourful customs of the land of sun. Throughout the year, numerous fairs get organised. One such popular fair is the Pushkar Mela, celebrated from the onset of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and celebrated till Kartik Purnima. Pushkar lake is a sacred place, where thousands of devotees gather in the Kartik month to worship Lord Brahma.


Just 11 km northwest of Ajmer, way to Pushkar is as enthralling as the destination. Covered from all sides with the Aravalli range, the air is pollution-free and natural. Pushkar is famous for the temple of Lord Brahma, the creator of world as per Hindu Mythology.

Not just for its sacredness, but Pushkar also gathers tourists for its peaceful natural setting, a befitting backdrop for the yearly religious gathering & cattle fair. The five-day fair witnesses thousands of devotees taking dip in the Pushkar lake & praying for salvation.

Petty traders gather to set up stalls of finery & jewellery during the fair and locals also try to leverage on the massive influx of tourists gathered at the time of the year.

The best highlight of the fair is cattle trading (especially cattle). Over 30,000 camels are traded during this annual camel fair, which makes it the largest cattle fair in the world. There is a camel beauty contest that is worth capturing. Camels are adorned with shaved patterns and made worn bells around their ankles that make pleasing sound while they walk.

Camel race is an element of the fair that is most anticipated by the tourists. Spectators cheer for camels racing amidst the whirlwind of sand.

It is believed that during the fair, the gods pay a visit to the sacred city and bless all devotees which leads thousands of devotees to come and drown away their sins.