admin Mar 15, 2018

We all love exploring new things in life, don’t we? Setting out on new adventures, going to different places and making countless memories, the joy of which is unsurpassed. So how about exploring the joy of Rajasthan’s desert safari this time. Not convinced yet? Well, read on and we are sure that by the end of it, Rajasthan will surely be your next getaway destination.

Image Source: Yatra Blog

Rajasthan is adored for its magnificent deserts and magnetic splendour which undoubtedly makes it one of the best places for enjoying the desert safaris. Camel safari is an ideal option to further spice things up, October to February being the perfect timings. The most desired places for such exciting trips in the state are mostly Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur. The trip surprises you by astonishing scenes that are indicative of the radiant and high-spirited lifestyle of the locales and you get to explore their traditions and culture.

Mostly 10 to 12 kms on the camel’s back are covered in a single day and then the night halts are in the small village areas where one gets to spend an amazing time with the locales who are all so welcoming . This gives you a lovely experience of the real desert life.

Furthermore, the local musicians and performers might shower their love on you by offering traditional performances during your safari trip which can turn out to be an overwhelming experience. That’s the thing about people residing in these villages, they’re all so loving that they make you feel at home. Not to forget, these camel safaris are even quite romantic.

So get set to explore the prepossessing beauty of the deserts in Rajasthan with your family and loved ones as you surely don’t want to miss it.