admin Mar 18, 2014

The rich culture and heritage held by Pushkar is marked with the range of temples running at a stretch within the rugged terrain. Pushkar- the name symbolizes blue lotus and in fact, this place holds no deviation from the same when it presents the beauty of its pond waters in the varying shades of sun’s rays. Hindu mythology holds this place quite sacred as the waters in this hilly region are linked with the tears dropped by Lord Shiva when his wife passed away. With all the simplicity, Pushkar is a must-visit place. Here is what you should know about it:

Where to go shopping?

Pushkar holds markets that sell mainly religious or traditional stuff. Brahma Temple Market and Khaadi Gram Udyog are the two places covering a major percentage of the shopping arena.

Where to Eat?

Pushkar hotels will provide you with extensive facilities of fine dining from where you can choose a variety of local and international cuisines. Hotel Chitvan is quite famous amongst the travellers due to the exclusive aroma and intricate taste of its expertly-prepared meals.

Which is the perfect time to visit Pushkar?

Though the serene beauty of Pushkar can be experienced round-the-year, the best season to visit this place is from October to March since the air is cool which makes exploration a fun experience.