admin Apr 25, 2017

Ten Commandments…..for first timers

India the name inspires awe. A country which is a visual explosion of colours, culture, sound and aroma is a treat for travellers around the world.  An exotic land of forts and palaces, shimmering festivities, serene sanctuaries,  ethereal landscape.. India is a must on wander list of  travelers.  Packed, chaotic, fascinating, old world charm yet modern… India has lot to offer.  The country is just not a holiday but an experience that will change your life.  You have read all this and want to experience it first hand. Excellent!

Planning your first trip to this beautiful and mystic country, keeping in mind a few important tips and a little preparedness will make your travel hassle free and memorable.

Make Photocopies of Important documents

Before traveling make sure you have multiple copies of your important documents, passport, visa, flight bookings and of course do not forget to keep few passport size photos in your wallet.  These may come handy when visiting restricted areas.

Book Accommodation

It is advisable that before you venture into this vast and bewildered country, you must book your hotel according to your budget. After travelling for so long a pre- booked place to stay and rest is heaven. There are many online sites that can help you find the hotel fitting your budget like, trip advisor,

Choose Your Route Wisely

From mountains to deserts, from palaces of Rajasthan to partying beaches of Goa, scenic landscapes to photographic treks…India offers you a wide- wide variety of options. So plan your itinerary according to whatever you want to experience in India.

Choose the Right Time

India is a huge country with two monsoon cycles and varied climatic region, a fact that you have to keep in account while visiting India. IF you want to visit Himalayas than winter is not recommended. But  winter is good when u want to visit Rajasthan and Gujarat. Monsoon and summer season should be avoided due to extreme heat and heavy downpour. So whatever region you choose check the local climate.

Packing is the Key

Pack right and pack light. It is important to pack well and according to the local climate so that you don’t have to buy much on the road. Don’t pack unnecessary things after all you need space to pack your treasures from exquisite handicrafts from Rajasthan to shimmering South Indian silk sarees .

Learn Basic Local Words

Learning a few words of the widely used Hindi language will help you a lot. The list includes:

  • Shukriya.                       Thank You
  • Namaste                        Hello
  • Theek hai.                      OK
  • Kripiya.                           Please
  • Pani                                Water
  • Madat.                           Help
  • KItna rupiya.                 How much money
  • Accha.                            Nice
  • Accha nahin                  Not good
  • Haan.                             Yes
  • Nahin                             No

Stay Healthy

To fully enjoy your trip you need to be in pink of your health so take precautions and avoid  Delhi belly. Make sure you get your vaccination done and get your comprehensive health insurance before traveling.  Once  in India avoid tap water, raw vegetables and fruits, ice and tempting street food. For the first few days,  let your body get acclimatise and then enjoy local cuisine.

Don’t Hop Around

Take your time to see India, it is not a place to be rushed around. Trying to cram too much and hoping around too fast will result in being stressed and tried and missing out on the surprises and local connections that make India an incredible experience.  If your trip is short, focus on seeing a state or region in detail.

Keep Adapting

For a first timer like you, India is a cultural shock so prepare as much as you can and learn about its culture. Accept that things don’t happen here same way as back home and embrace the difference. Come with open mind and open heart and adapt your travel plans to suit India. It is your attitude that will ultimately effect how enriching and enjoyable your trip will be.


From fruits to jewellery  from clothes to hotel room everything can be bargained for. Talk to locals and don’t let the touts and scammers fool you. Stay alert and stay cool for your safety.

Drop your expectations and go and enjoy the intoxicatingly beautiful India, a trip that will surely change your life. It is a massive country and you need multiple trips to fully experience India. But keep in mind these tips and make your first trip memorable and relaxing.