admin Feb 15, 2017

Sometimes it’s only far from home where we realize that there is more to life than a mundane schedule, and that thought makes us happy. In this fast moving world, we work to survive and survive to work, but in this rut it becomes important to take a break and travel. When one thinks of travelling, sometimes all the planning and money involved puts us off. Instead, we should look for ways to save time and money while travelling. Here is a list of 5 ways to do just that.

Travel off-season – Plan a trip when others aren’t looking to travel, that way you save yourself from being caught in a crowd, save on hotel bookings and most importantly get to explore at leisure in your own space and time. You will be surprised at how much there is to do during other times of the year and not particularly ‘season time’.

Think outside the box – Do not look at what others are doing or places where others are going. Think different, do something new, look for new adventures, new places to go and stay. You will have a new story to tell your family and friends.

Bid for hotel deals – While you conduct your everyday browsing ritual, look for travel deals online. You plan according to the deals you get and save on time and money. You can take leave from work accordingly and save time deciding when to really make a trip possible.

Travel light – There are many advantages of travelling light, one of them is you save on paying extra on heavy luggage on flights and anywhere you go. You do not have to worry about shopping wherever you go as you will have extra space to carry souvenirs back.

Walk or use public transport – With Google maps in the palm of our hands it is easy to locate where you are and where to need to go, accordingly you can decide to walk or use public transport. Public transport like buses or rickshaws are always a cheaper option compared to taxies.

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