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India is an incredible country with different tourist spots showcasing its diversity, ethnicity and a unique charm. These things are distributed evenly throughout the country and any place you go is a treat for a travellers heart. Talking about the land of the Thar Desert – Rajasthan, this place has a lot to offer. Even though many think of this western state as a hot zone of the country, but Ajmer is quite a retreat at its heart and its atmosphere is really refreshing for travellers not just from the nation but globally too.

As a matter of fact, the city of Ajmer connects both history and modern growth and weaves them beautifully for the travellers coming to explore India. People come here for spiritual as well as historical reasons. Ajmer lives and breaths Rajasthani culture and you can relish both the feel of tradition and love all around.

Let us look at 3 amazing reasons why it is worth tripping to Ajmer:

1. Spiritual Awakening – Dargah and Temples
Ajmer’s tourism actually started because of the famous pilgrimage spot in the city – the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Dargah pilgrimage is popular not only among Muslims but among people of all religious background. The Dargah bazaar is extremely wonderful to roam around and mingle in the feel of the place.


The Nareli Jain Temple on the outskirts of the city is an amazing and beautiful architectural feat and showcases Jain tradition. The Jain food they serve here is absolutely delicious. Spiritual awakening is easier when you are at peace within as well as with your surroundings – and Ajmer promises you that.

2. Perfect Solo Travel to Comfy Family Holiday
Ajmer is one of those cities that welcomes everyone with open arms. Many backpacker accounts reveal it to be a perfect spot where they found themselves in all peace and serenity, while others who enjoy nightlife and walking around had tremendous options to choose from like the old lanes of the city or relaxing by the water at Anna Sagar lake. To your surprise it is a preferred tourist destination among families too. Ajmer’s heavenly camel rides, exquisite old world charm is combined with homely food and stay. Children love the rides and water parks in the city while the adults enjoy its spiritual side.

3. Historical Monuments – Essence of the Past
A lovely stroll down the history lane of the city carries an essence of past in every element. Most importantly, the architecture and culture here are deep rooted in the past. Relish sightseeing forts, gates and tombs from the Mughal era namely Ajmer Fort, Akbar Palace, Nakkarkhana, Abdullah Khan’s Tomb, etc.

Dhai din ka jhopra

All these with Persian architecture and enchanting work, will take you back to the times when India was a land of golden sparrows with Kohinoor still in the country.

We hope these amazing reasons will bring you to magnificent Ajmer. Happy Holidaying!