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“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life” legendary playwright George Bernard Shaw once said. However, a hotel is only so if it meets certain criteria. These criteria transform a run-of-the-mill hotel into a memorable family experience. They are as follows.

1. Fun Activities For Kids


Rather than watching TV all day, parents like for their children involved in challenging activities. Activities like casual painting sessions, kids karaoke & sports based games keep children engaged. Parents get some valuable time if these activities are held under supervision. Even a small play area works wonders in keeping children occupied.

2. Just Like Home

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Forget luxury, a hotel room should feel like a home to the guests. It should have big rooms with large spaces for kids to play around in. Microwaves & refrigerators also increase the comfort-level of the guests. Adding such utilities ensure the guests realize value-for-money as well.

3. Extreme Cleanliness


When kids are involved Guests cleanliness expectations are understandably high. They expect mirror-like cleanliness for their kids. Spot-free floors, glistening bathrooms & smoke-free rooms are a given.

4. Helpful Staff


A staff who helps in making a family’s stay tension-free is treasured. Expedited check-ins, waiters who remember the allergies of the child & a kid-friendly staff are a few necessities every family hotel’s staff should fulfil.

5. Address

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The hotel’s address should be near tourist attractions, popular eateries, shopping locations & such. If this is not the case, the hotel should provide for shuttle accommodation so guests can travel around the city hassle-free.

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