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It’s that colourful and buzzy time of the year again!

The onset of spring in India is celebrated with clouds of colours, luscious sweets & snacks and eclectic joy of festivity. Holi, the incredibly celebrated and legendary festival of India has nearly arrived. Many places in India are prominently popular for their grand Holi celebration like Vrindavan, Barsane and Pushkar.

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Pushkar, a sacred town in Rajasthan, is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage centre. Just 11 km from Ajmer, this place attracts many devotees and foreign tourists. During Holi, this small town is seen bustling with cheering crowd and palettes of colours in the air.

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It starts an evening before the main celebration, with the Holika Dahan Pooja at the Ghat along the Pushkar lake, followed by Dandiya around the bonfire. Many spiritual and cultural explorers are seen wallowing in the festivity and listening to the mythological story behind this celebration.

The following morning, arrive early at the main town market, where you will come across exciting beats of the EDM music playing at full volume; mad crowd jumping and splashing gulaal at each other and so many shirts hanging above on the power line in a row. Don’t lose grip of your friend in the chaos or you won’t be able to find him/her until the end of the event.

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A few handy tips for a fun, safe and unregretful Holi:

1. Rub coconut oil all over your body before heading out for the celebration.
2. Leave your phone, camera and other delicate accessories safe in the room rather than losing them to pickpockets.
3. This point is specially for girls. Every pleasure has some downsides associated. You certainly don’t want to ruin your fun day. Stay safe and away from trouble-smelling strangers. Avoid the packed crowd, as you may fall a victim to the groping and harassment, very common at such places.
4. Stay in group and don’t consume too much of the Bhaang, an intoxicated drink served during Holi, made by mixing lassi with marijuana.

For ardent Holi lovers, this place is a heaven. Being in Rajasthan and missing out on this massive celebration would be a grave disappointment for anyone. So, without pondering much, pack your bags and stumble upon this incredible celebration of a lifetime.
Happy Holi!